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Cleaned & Sealed Pool Deck_edited.jpg

pool deck, pavers & Driveway restoration & refinishing

Any time you have natural stone outside exposed to the elements, it is imperative that it is maintained properly. Exterior stone should be sealed with a penetrating sealer periodically. 

Some of our customers have even found that their existing natural stone floors are too slippery, so we can provide a matte finish to the stone making it slip resistant. This is especially important on pool decks, lanais and even bathrooms. This can also be an added precaution for commercial property. Our finish can be applied to any natural stone in and around your home or place of business.

We offer a number of finishes for your pool decks, pavers, or driveway including honed, satin and polished.

Cleaned & Sealed Limestone Pool Deck_edited.jpg
  • Cleaning

  • Chip & Crack Repair

  • Diamond Honing & Scratch Removal

  • Polishing/Finishes

  • Grinding

  • Sealing

  • Groutwork

Before Shellstone Pool Deck_edited.jpg
Exterior Shellstone (Vero Beach, FL)_edited.jpg

Let our experts get the most out of your natural stone

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